We adopted Obi (Obi-Wan) from you about 5yrs ago. He currently has another Beagle brother and sister. He lives the good life by spending his days playing in his yard and doing random office work as indicated in this picture. We love him very much and can't imagine life without him.


Quade, now Wade, is doing great and seems to like his new home as well as the paint shop. We have some things to work on together but he is sweet as can be. I love him. Thank you!

Truman and Violet

We're so thankful we found Truman and Violet at Pal's Place


We've had Axel (aka Scooby) for 2 years now and can't imagine our lives without our smiling boy. Thank you for helping us to rescue him!


So glad to see your page! We MORE than LIKE you! LOVE DAISEY

North (aka Stitch)

North (Stitch/Jessie) is adjusting well :) playing in our backyard with her pit bull friend from across the street. She is a very smart and cuddly girl. She is doing and learning new things everyday. We are very happy to have her! :-) Melanie & Dave


this is winston (f.k.a. casey while he was with pal's place). we adopted him in 2010. he makes friends wherever he goes, and we're pretty sure he's the best dog in the world. thank you so much for rescuing and fostering him!


Here's Smokey! Adopted from Pal's Place in August 2010

Ms. Pearl (aka Sweet Pea)

Formerly Sweet Pea, adopted from Pal's Place July 2012 As promised from my previous email, here are photos! Thank you again for all you do! xoxo

Ed (aka Jax)

Here is an update on Ed who is now Jax. He is a handful and definitely a goofball but still sweet. J We love him! We think he likes us too.

Franklin (aka Zazu)

Just wanted to send a quick hello from Zazu, who we now call Franklin. You were totally right about the ears...they're standing straight up! Just took the attached photo in our backyard. He is such a joy, and we love him so much. Hope all is well with you and your pups!


Gretta did not take long to settle in! She is perfect in the house. She is such a goofball and plays like a puppy in the house. She is very very sweet with my daughter. She seems to know she is a child and is gentle with her. She is a perfect fit. Thank you so much. My dad is also particularly fond of Gretta and keeps saying she is a very good dog. He also points out the ways she is easier to handle than my beloved Apache was,LOL (she was, admittedly, a pampered princess). Gretta has many fans here. :)


Buddy is a happy friendly boy who loves his kids (4 granddaughters) and 2 collie siblings. He's doing well in obedience training and just earned his AKC Canine Good Citizen award. He says "thanks" to you for rescuing him. He's livin" the good life!!! :) We thank you for letting us adopt this big baby :)


Just wanted to let you know Maya is still doing well with us. She's obsessed with the neighborhood squirrels and finds lots of funny places to sleep in our house. She's even made some doggie friends in the neighborhood. Hope all is well with you.


I just wanted to send you an update on Boomer! We actually kept his name because we thought it fit him so well! He's been an absolute joy in our lives. His loving nature is still ever present, he love EVERYONE, person, dog and any other animal. He's extremely intelligent and did so well in his first puppy class! Boomer is a ladies man, both human and dog. In his puppy class the female pups actually fought over his attention and always wanted to play with him. We've gotten so many compliments on him and what a beautiful dog he is, even people driving have stopped in their cars to ask about him. He's a cuddle-bear and playing fetch is a favorite game! He's generous with his kisses and loves getting belly rubs and carrying sticks! [This is a picture] from the day we brought him home. We are SO happy that we were lucky enough to be able to adopt Boomer, he's an amazing loving dog that is going to forever be part of our family. Thank You for rescuing our boy, Brittany and Joe


Grover is doing great! So sweet and well behaved. He is eating/drinking/peeing/pooping. His cough is getting better. He sleeps with me in my bed :) He is an absolute pleasure to walk. I just can't understand how such a trained dog ended up on the street. Someone definitely took their time training him. We are so happy to have him! Thank you again!

Ellie (aka Jilly)

I just wanted to give you an update on little Ellie (Jilly)! She has been such a great addition to our household. I don't think we could love her any more! She has learned so much and she's so easy to train because she absolutely loves treats! Ellie has learned to ring her bells to go outside, sit, down, roll over, touch and we are working on stay. Her favorite treats are little ice cubes from the freezer, but just about anything makes her happy. She sleeps on my feet every night or curled up by her big sister Deke on the dog bed. Ellie loves having a plushy bed and will often fix the blankets herself if they aren't fluffy enough. Deke and Ellie are always next to each other snuggling, sharing the same toy, or watching people out the window. Ellie is still learning to be gentle with the cats, but they don't seem to mind her too much.

Amber (aka Blondie)

We adopted Amber (A.K.A. Blondie) from you about a year ago. She is a very happy and spoiled girl! We just love her like crazy! Thank you again for giving us a great addition to our family !


Sally is doing great, she is healthy, happy and very affectionate !!!! We have all fallen in love with her and are so grateful you saved her!! Thx again!


I just wanted to send you an email letting you know how much we love Silas! We love cuddling and going on walks in the neighborhood. He is such a social butterfly and everyone he meets just loves him. If possible, we would love for you to send the other families his photo, and I have been searching for their breed, and wanted to let you know that I believe that Silas and his litter mates are Portuguese podengo pequenos. Again, we couldn't imagine having adopted any other pup and want to thank you again for accepting us as his parents!


Virgil is doing great so far, he's been sleeping in his bed every night and cuddling on the couch during the day. Thank you again for all of your help!


Arnold update: He is super energetic. Barely barks. Follows his brother around everywhere. Knows a million tricks...besides not peeing on the carpet :) he has been a pure joy and we love him to pieces.

Murphy (ake Dougie)

Its been a few years, but thought I would check-in and let you know how Murphy (formerly Dougie) was doing. We couldn't be more grateful of the work you do rescuing dogs- Murphy has been such of source of joy for us. He is by far the most cuddly creature (see attached pics!). thank you again for your help and all your time and work to rescue amazing dogs like Murphy!

Remmy (aka Ace)

Just wanted to give you an update on Ace (We renamed him Remmy). He is doing great so far, he is working on potty training. Few accidents but he is learning quickly. He already knows Sit, Paw, and Lay Down (working on stay and come here now) He has learned to walk on his leash pretty well too. He has been to the vet twice. He had to get another round of deworming and has had his next vaccinations. He is up to 30lbs already. Thank you so much for selecting me to adopt him, he is incredibly happy, and so am I.